Queen’s Harbour Social Clubs

At Queen’s Harbour, we offer a range of clubs and activities to suit residents of every age and with every interest for those looking to build relationships with their neighbors and friends.

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Yacht Club

The Queen’s Harbour Yacht Club welcomes every boating enthusiast of all ages and skill levels. For more information, visit our dedicated Outdoor Activities page.

Golf Associations

The community hosts both a men’s and ladies golf association. For more details, visit our dedicated Outdoor Activities page.

Newcomers Club

We want to get to know our new neighbors! The group consists of caring women whose purpose is to welcome, offer friendship and provide information about the community. Programs begin in September and run through May of each year. Prospective members may attend two general lunch meetings before membership is required. Meetings are held once a month on the third Thursday. To join, check out their website  www.newcomersfirstcoast.org

The Bridge Clubs

Queen’s Harbour is home to two different Bridge Clubs: the Bridge club plays party bridge, while the Duplicate Bridge Club plays duplicate bridge. The standard bridge club meets on Mondays from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM in the MP Room, with the duplicate bridge club meets on Fridays from 7:00 PM until the games are done. For information about the Bridge Club contact Judy Pujol. For those interested in the Duplicate Bridge Club, contact Bonnie Clutterbuck.

The Jaguars Club generally has 4-6 events per year

The Jaguars Club

This is an informal club with no dues, focused on showing love to the local NFL football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. There are no requirements to join other than you like football and the Jaguars. The club doesn’t meet on any prescribed calendar, but generally has 4-6 events per year. Events include players, coaches and Jaguar executives that come to Queen’s Harbour and talk about the team. We host away game golf tournaments and brunches, and organize home-game tailgate parties. In 2015, the club was even invited to tour the Jaguars locker room, workout facilities and to walk around the field at Everbank. Contact Rick Jason; drrickjason@aol.com for information.

Wine Club

For those who love wine, or those who want to learn more about the wide range of wines available,  this is the club for you. A professional sommelier presents a variety of wines, and information about the grapes and vineyards on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Members take turns hosting the party, with each host responsible for one meeting each year, including planning a theme, sending reminders, and purchasing refreshments and door prizes.

Good friends, good wine, and good times with the Wine Club
Our Garden Club meets every month

Garden Club

The Garden Club strives to bring beauty to the community.  They help with the Christmas decorations, the flower pot at the entrance, yard of the month, the pumpkin people on Halloween, as well as other community activities.  The group meets every month, with a wide range of topics and events, including lectures, tours of local spots of interest, and more. The full, updated calendar can be found at the club’s Facebook page and for more information or to join, email the Garden Club.