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Queen’s Harbour Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Wednesday July 1, 2020

Please click the “read more” below to get the full version of Queen’s Harbour Hurricane Plan.  It gives you information, links to the Jacksonville Hurricane guide, evacuation zones, city apps, weather and boater information.  You can read the information here or download it. Download it on your phone or device so you can stay informed. Be ready. Be safe.

Queen’s Harbour Hurricane Preparedness Plan: Click here to get a download option

Before the Storm

  1. Click the following link to see Jacksonville Preparedness Guide and get your checklist of supplies you will need. It is a thorough information guide- much more so than any we could supply


  1. Know your evacuation zone
  2. Property
    1. Take photos/video of all property, list of valuables and value. Store in flash drive.  You may also want to email the information to yourself.
    2. Make copies or take photos of all insurance policies, appraisals, contracts. Store in Flash drive.  You may also want to email it to yourself.
    3. Make sure all important phone numbers are in your phone contact list. City contact numbers are listed below.
    4. Keep flash drives in a waterproof container and have them ready to keep with you during the storm.
  1. Pets
    1. Make plans for your pets. This is the time to research shelters and hotels that are pet friendly and store up on pet supplies.
  2. Fill your car with gas before the crowds
  3. Medications-get prescriptions filled and have it ready to take with you
  4. Research and decide where you will stay in an evacuation. Will it be a hotel, shelter, friend’s house? If it is a hotel or shelter, know which one. If it is with friends or family, make sure they know your plans.
  5. Determine evacuation routes

Storm Warning Preparation

  1. Make hotel reservations (you can always cancel if you don’t evacuate). There are pet friendly hotels, but they fill up fast. Make your reservations early- prepay so you can to secure your room.
  2. Make sure all your communication devices have full power and chargers are kept with you.
  3. Speak with neighbors around you and exchange phone numbers. Know which neighbors are staying and which are leaving.
  4. Download app JAXREADY for current city information. Available in your App Store in your device. You can also go to Facebook JAXREADY or Twitter JAXREADY are also an option
  5. Properties
    1. Secure all exterior objects
      1. Yard objects- bring in if possible. Secure if you cannot.
      2. Check trees and remove old, weak branches.
      3. Construction Sites- all construction sites need to be secured
      4. Water vehicles (boats, kayaks, etc.) need to be secured.
    2. Turn off irrigation
    3. Lower the water levels in pools
    4. Fill bathtub with water
    5. If evacuation is required: Unplug all major appliances before you leave and turn off propane gas
    6. If you have a generator, make sure you know how to safely use it and have a plan on where you will locate it
    7. Boats
      1. Ideally, take your boat to a storage area
      2. If that is not possible,
        1. Double up all lines
        2. Use plenty of fenders to protect the boats and docks
        3. Ensure batteries are charged
        4. Canvas and cushions must be removed
        5. Have copies of registration and serial numbers of electronics
        6. For more detailed Hurricane boating instructions: click here

During the Storm

  1. If you choose not to evacuate
    1. Call 911 in any emergency but be aware that they may not be able to get to you.
    2. Be aware that access control may be unmanned.
    3. Notify relatives of your intentions
    4. Set your cell phone to “power saving” or turn off
    5. Stay inside, away from windows and doors
    6. Stay closer to the middle of the house to protect from fallen trees
    7. If you lose power, unplug major appliances
    8. Do not go outside until you are told by the news it is safe to do so.
    1. If you evacuate
      • Leave as soon as you can
      • Notify relatives your intentions
      • Leave a light on outside
      • Do not return until it is safe to do so.

After the Storm                 

  1.  Do not go outside or drive until the city tells you it is safe to do so. Check
  2. When you can safely go outside, check with your neighbors to ensure they are safe
  3.  Inspect your property and secure damaged
  4. Call tree service only for trees on your property. May management will call for trees that have fallen on streets and community property since they have price contracts for that situation. The POA will not reimburse residents for trees removed as a result of resident contracting with tree service.
  5. All debris from your property needs to be kept on your property until it is picked up. DO NOT move your debris to community property or you will be charged for removal and re-landscaping
  6. If you have damage, contact your insurance agent and document damages in photos and videos
  7. Obtain quotes for repairs to give claims adjuster but wait until after the adjustor sees the damage before doing permanent repair.


For questions and concerns regarding your property or community, email  You will receive a response as soon as possible when storm damage has been assessed.