Queen’s Harbour 2030 – Long Term Community Planning

September 13, 2017

Our community continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the premier gated communities in Northeast Florida. Our convenient location, well-maintained infrastructure, beautiful and lush landscape attract home buyers from all over the world. To ensure that Queen’s Harbour remains an attractive choice for our target home buyer, the Board is launching a long term strategic planning effort that will ensure the viability of the community and support our property values well into the next decade. This effort, dubbed “Queen’s Harbour 2030” will begin in Fall, 2017. We are actively seeking volunteers comprising of interested residents with a background in strategic planning, marketing, research, real estate, finance, or other housing related fields to join our effort. If you are enthusiastic about Queen’s Harbour and would like to take part in this important effort, please submit a resume and one page bio to Erin Doty, Director of Communications (erindotys  @  gmail.com) by October 31, 2017.